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Amex launches new cashback credit card

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by David Masters
Amex launches new cashback credit card

American Express (Amex) has launched a new credit card that rewards spending with shopping vouchers.

The Amex Express Rewards Credit Card generates points for the card holder whenever they use the card to pay for goods or services.

Accumulated points can be used to pay for items at a wide range of high-street and internet shops, including HMV, Amazon, Comet, and Homebase.

Consumers using the card can earn up to three points for every pound spent, depending on where they shop.

Money spent in major supermarkets earns three points per pound, in department stores two points per pound, and in most other shops, one point per pound.

Each point is worth £0.005 – a measly half a penny.

The minimum redemption limit on the card is 5,000 points, equivalent to a £25 gift voucher.

Amex called the reward scheme “generous”, and said it launched the Express Rewards card to provide better rewards for day-to-day spending.

“With the appetite for vouchers set to increase next year, it makes sense to be providing a reward card that gives shoppers gift cards,” said Katrina Cliffe, Amex head of consumer cards.

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News posted: December 3, 2009

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