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Crash twice to double your car insurance premiums

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by David Masters
Crash twice to double your car insurance premiums

If you’re unlucky enough to crash your car twice this winter you could find yourself paying double for car insurance, according to Confused.com.

Some insurers researched by the price comparison site more than trebled the cost of insurance premiums after two accidents.

Confused.com said drivers should take extra care at the moment because icy winter roads increase the likelihood of accidents.

“We’re urging drivers to be extra wary during the winter months,” said Will Thomas, Confused.com’s head of motor insurance.

“Just a couple of accidents could double your premium and more.

“When you consider the average premium in 2009 was £400 that’s a lot of money to lose.”

Confused.com advised drivers not to make journeys during icy weather unless they absolutely must.

Other advice issued by the site included being aware of poor visibility during winter fog, and avoid braking sharply on icy roads.

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News posted: January 28, 2010

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