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Bill Nighy supports Robin Hood tax campaign

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by David Masters
Bill Nighy supports Robin Hood tax campaign

Bill Nighy has pledged his support for a campaign to impose a “Robin Hood tax” on speculative financial transactions between banks.

The actor, famous for his roles in Pirates of the Caribbean and Love Actually, has joined forces with director Richard Curtis to make a three-minute film explaining how the tax would work.

In the film, Nighy plays a smug City banker opposed to the “sweet little idea” of a Robin Hood tax.

However, in an interview about the tax he inadvertently reveals that bankers would play only 0.05% on transactions, and that billions of pounds would be raised to help poor people around the world.

Viewers are encouraged to vote for or against the tax at robinhoodtax.org.uk.

The campaign is supported by a coalition of charities, including Oxfam, Tearfund, UNICEF and ActionAid.

Barbara Stocking, Oxfam chief executive, said: “We have a once in a generation opportunity to make global finance work in the interests of ordinary people at home and abroad.

“A tiny tax on banks would make a massive difference to the millions of people around the globe forced into extreme poverty by the economic crisis.”

Claire Melamed, ActionAid head of policy, added: “We now have a chance to raise enough money to create real and lasting change.

“If politicians are brave enough we could turn a financial crisis into an opportunity for the world’s poor by raising billions from the banks to spend at home and abroad.”

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Story link: Bill Nighy supports Robin Hood tax campaign

News posted: February 11, 2010

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