Manifesto aims to make social enterprise vital to British economy

Manifesto aims to make social enterprise vital to British economy

The Social Enterprise Coalition (SEC) this week said it aims to treble the contribution of social enterprises to the UK economy by 2020.

SEC said if it is to achieve the goal, announced in its official manifesto published on Tuesday, it needs the full support of the British government.

The manifesto, “No More Business as Usual”, was developed in collaboration with social enterprises from across the UK.

Other aims of the manifesto include raising the profile of social enterprise in the run up to the General Election, and promoting social enterprises as a more sustainable and accountable business model.

Investment in social enterprise should be encouraged with a tax incentive, the manifesto states.

It also calls for a “community allowance”, which would allow unemployed people to be paid for community work without having their benefits reduced.

Peter Holbrook, SEC chief executive officer, said: “This is a crucial time for the social enterprise movement – as the UK emerges from recession the public demands, and deserves, a fairer and more sustainable economy.

“Social enterprise can help to achieve this, but we need the right support.”

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