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Travel insurance hiked by 174% for older travellers

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by David Masters
Travel insurance hiked by 174% for older travellers

Insurers need to “change their approach” to older travellers, moneysupermarket.com claimed this week.

A spokesperson for the price comparison site made the comment after research found that British travellers can see travel insurance premiums more than double after their 65th birthday.

Multi-trip policies in Europe increase by up to 174% for travellers aged 65 or older.

Worldwide equivalent policies are hiked by up to 131%.

“With people in the UK living longer, and with many pensioners having far more disposable income which enables them to travel more, insurers need to change their attitude towards older travellers and play fair by ensuring the premiums they are charged actually reflects the risk they pose,” said Bob Atkinson, moneysupermarket.com spokesperson.

“My advice to travellers who find themselves in this situation is to shop around as the difference in premium can vary considerably between providers.”

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Story link: Travel insurance hiked by 174% for older travellers

News posted: March 10, 2010

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