The Times and Sunday Times to charge for online access from June

| March 26, 2010

The Times and Sunday Times newspapers will start charging to access their online news content in June, owner News International (NI) confirmed today.

Rebekah Brooks, NI chief executive, said: “This is a crucial step towards making the business of news an economically exciting proposition. We are proud of our journalism and unashamed to say that we believe it has value.”

The newspapers will launch two new websites in early May, and, initially on a free trial period.

However, from June, readers will be charged £1 for a day’s access, or £2 for a week’s subscription, which The Times said is a “reasonable price” to pay.

Newspaper sales have continued to dwindle of late so companies have been looking for a business strategy that will bring in revenue from their websites.

However, many see the decision by NI as a risk and, as a result, they will be watching closely to see if the move by The Times is successful.

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