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German car sales dive 27% in March

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by Kay Mitchell
German car sales dive 27% in March

Official figures from the VDA car group have revealed a sharp fall in German car sales.

According to the VDA, domestic sales plummeted by 27% in March compared with a year earlier with a total of 294,500 cars registered in Europe’s largest car market.

However, the fall was expected due to a slump in demand as the country’s car scrappage scheme ended in September last year.

Meanwhile, figures also showed German car exports surged in March against a year earlier.

Germany exported 419,400 cars in the month, while overseas orders for future deliveries grew by more than 28%.

Germany is the world’s second largest exporter behind China.

Matthais Wissman of the VDA said: “The mood of the auto industry is brightening appreciably.

“We won’t reach the pre-crisis level again in 2010, but we expect a good export year,” he added.

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News posted: April 6, 2010

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