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Sunday 25th of April 2010
April 14, 2010    

Lib Dems will appoint social enterprise minister

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by David Masters
Lib Dems will appoint social enterprise minister

Social enterprise will have its own government minister if the Liberal Democrats win the general election next month.

In their election manifesto published today, the Lib Dems pledged to build an environmental, sustainable economy.

“We believe that mutuals, co-operatives and social enterprises have an important role to play in the creation of a more balanced and mixed economy,” the manifesto reads.

“Mutuals give people a proper stake in the places they work, spreading wealth through society and bringing innovative and imaginative business ideas to bear on meeting local needs.”

It adds: “We are committed to handing power back to local communities.

“We believe that society is strengthened by communities coming together and engaging in voluntary activity, which sets people and neighbourhoods free to tackle local problems.”

The party also vowed to ensure that the economy is “never
again destabilised by high-risk financial industries”.

“We have all learned an important lesson from the credit crunch and the recession: we cannot build an economy on fi nancial gambling,” the manifesto reads.

“Radical reform of the financial infrastructure is needed to create and sustain jobs, and move towards a sustainable and balanced economy where businesses in every town, city and region can grow.”

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