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US unemployment rate up in April

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by Kay Mitchell

The Labor Department revealed the world’s largest economy added 290,000 jobs last month, primarily in manufacturing, healthcare and hospitality.

It was the biggest monthly total in four years but despite the rise, the unemployment rate has risen from 9.7% in March to 9.9% in April.

According to analysts, as confidence grows in the economy, those who had given up on finding jobs are gaining confidence, too, and are now looking for work.

This is why the unemployment rate grew in April and is likely increase further.

The total number of people unemployed in the US last month was 15.3 million.

More than 60,000 workers were recruited during April by the Government to help conduct the 2010 Census, which helped to boost the jobs total.

Meanwhile, the manufacturing sector hired an additional 44,000 workers, while the leisure and hospitality industry recruited 45,000 workers.

US President Barack Obama described last month’s job growth as “very encouraging news” but said more work needs to be done to put Americans to work.

In related news, it was revealed last week that the US economy continued its strong recovery after annualised growth of 3.2% was recorded in the first three months of 2010, said the US Commerce Department.

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News posted: May 9, 2010

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