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Treasury reviews winter fuel and child benefit payments

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by Kay Mitchell

As part of the coalition Government’s welfare crackdown, announced in June, it has been revealed that winter fuel payments and child benefit, face severe overhauls.

The massive overhaul of the system comes as part of the Government’s plans to reduce public spending.

There is speculation that ministers are reviewing the provision of child benefit for “middle class” families, while the winter fuel allowance will be available to those over 66 years of age, not 60.

According to a report in The Times, the winter fuel payment could be slashed by as much as £100 in the Government’s comprehensive spending review this October.

Another option that the Government is considering is to pay the benefits to all, no matter what their income, but to “taper” them so that the neediest in society get the most money.

However, speaking as the coalition has been in power for 100 days, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said “we haven’t taken any decisions yet”.

In addition, benefits including free bus passes, free eye tests and free TV licences are also under review.

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Story link: Treasury reviews winter fuel and child benefit payments

News posted: August 18, 2010

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