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TUC attacks Government’s spending cuts

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by Kay Mitchell

The TUC has today protested against the Government’s massive spending cuts and said they will “plunge the economy back into recession”.

Thousands of trade unionists congregated into Westminster Central Hall today to commence a campaign against the cuts.

The protest comes on the eve of Chancellor George Osborne’s Comprehensive Spending Review.

Mr Osborne will tomorrow provide details of how the Government intends to slash spending by £83 billion by 2014 as it endeavours to bring down the spiralling budget deficit.

Over recent months, many have been critical of the harsh spending cuts warning that slashing the deficit too quickly could pose a threat to economic recovery and the TUC is the latest to add to this view.

Tony Woodley joint general secretary of Unite added that the Government was trying to “assassinate” public services.

Mr Woodley estimates that over a million jobs would be lost across the economy, with unemployment rising above the 4 million mark by 2011.

The TUC has already said it will “stand up and fight” against the massive spending cuts and this statement received support from three of Britain’s biggest unions – Unite, UNISON and the GMB.

Together these unions represent approximately 4 million workers.

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News posted: October 19, 2010

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