Older women charged more for car insurance

Older women charged more for car insurance

As a woman gets older she can expect her car insurance premiums to rise significantly faster than single men.

That’s according to a study by Which?, who used a price comparison site for car insurance to explore differences in pricing for men and women of different ages.

Which? found that once a woman reached 60 years of age, her car insurance quotes came in significantly higher than for a man, even when all other factors were exactly the same.

The result was a hike in premiums of up to £80 per year, with Admiral insurance providing the highest quote based on gender differences.

A spokesman for Admiral told Which?, “Gender is one of the factors that has an influence on the premium we offer. The difference is correct based on our estimates of the level of risk the two customers would represent to us as an insurer.”

While insurers are not exlcuded from basing premium calculations based on gender under equal opportunities legislation, no doubt many people will be scratching their heads as to why older women appear to be specifically targeted.

After all, surely it is the little old men driving at 40mph along single and dual carriageways that are a bigger threat to safety?

Or perhaps that’s really is the problem - older women driving unimpaired at normal speeds, and subject to normal accident statistics - as opposed to little old men in their flat-caps driving extra slow and safely because they can’t judge the roads properly?

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