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Tuesday 04th of January 2011
December 31, 2010    

David Cameron delivers new year message

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by Kay Murchie

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has warned that next year will be “difficult” as he delivered his new year speech.

However, Mr Cameron said Britain has a “really bright future to look forward to” and defended his Government’s spending cuts as tough but necessary, in order to trim the budget deficit.

The cuts have received mixed responses; many have been critical of them warning that slashing the deficit too quickly could pose a threat to economic recovery and push the UK back into a recession.

However, most economists believe the cuts will hamper growth but a double-dip recession is unlikely.

In his message Mr Cameron said: “We have a credible plan for restoring confidence in our economy, but we have to see it through. A lot of the heavy lifting will happen in 2011.

“Each and every minister in this government is acutely aware that the plans we have in place are tough, in fact incredibly difficult, but we are clear that the alternative - indecision and delay - would mean taking unacceptable risks with our economy, our country and our people.”

The PM’s message comes shortly after unions warned that job losses resulting from the Government’s spending cuts will bring widespread industrial action in 2011.

In his New Year message, Brendan Barber, the TUC’s general secretary, claimed 2011 would be a “horrible” year of cuts and will also be tough for the Government.

Unemployment will also undoubtedly rise, said the union.

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