Coalition to encourage shared maternity leave

| January 17, 2011 | 0 Comments

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will today outline proposals which will encourage fathers to take parental leave.

Mr Clegg described the current system as “Edwardian” and, as a result, the coalition Government will consult on a “proper” system of shared parental leave to be introduced in 2015.

Currently, men are entitled to take two weeks off after the birth of a child. However, Mr Clegg, who has three children, said parental leave should be shared between parents “in a whole range of ways”.

Under the new proposals, the Government will suggest that couples take leave in a number of chunks rather than a single block.

While the proposals were welcomed by Adrienne Burgess at the Fatherhood Institute, they were criticised by Andrew Cave from the Federation of Small Businesses, who said: “Measures like these will make it more difficult for businesses to function and actually make it less likely that they will be able to employ additional staff.”


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