Iain Duncan Smith unveils welfare system overhaul

| February 17, 2011 | 1 Comment

As part of the coalition Government’s welfare crackdown, Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, has today unveiled radical welfare reforms designed to make a life on benefits “no longer an option”.

Mr Duncan Smith’s comments follow the Government’s announcement in its emergency budget in June, when it was revealed that the benefits system would be in line for a radical overhaul.

The massive overhaul is aimed at helping people get back to work but, at the same time, end the situation where some risk losing out financially if they take a job.

According to the Government, five million people of working age are on out-of-work benefits - 1.4 million of those for almost 10 years.

The overhaul is set to include replacing most existing benefits with a “universal credit” - designed to ensure people are always better off when they are have a job.

The Government wants over half of all claimants transferred to the universal credit by the end of this parliament.

Mr Duncan Smith told BBC Breakfast: “What will happen is British people will genuinely be able to get British jobs because they will be incentivised to take those jobs. We will expect them to take those jobs - work will pay better than benefits.

“A life on benefits will no longer be an option for somebody. Right now there are huge numbers of people sitting on benefits, sometimes in rented accommodation that people who work could never dream of affording.”

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  1. J Tyne says:

    Good at last a clamp down,while pensioners who worked all thier lives & who save for old age, get little return on thier savings and now use capital for food etc. Younger people who will not work get mobility cars rent paid rates paid and get extra benifit because they are on social securty two mobility car familys on social.The very ill and their carers should be able to live a decent life with enough to pay for all the care they need. But so should the pensioner’s and hard working people.

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