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Government announces crackdown on incapacity benefit

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by Kay Mitchell

The Government has announced further plans to crackdown on incapacity benefit – a move designed at helping people get back to work but, at the same time, end the situation where some risk losing out financially if they take a job.

The measures were announced last October when the Government said those on incapacity benefit would be forced to undergo medical tests – which includes a visit to a disability analyst.

The tests, which have been trialled in Burnley and Aberdeen, are now being rolled out throughout the country.

Around one third of those who took the test during the trials were declared fit to work, while a further 38% were assessed as having the potential to work but needed support.

Those deemed fit for work will be placed on jobseekers’ allowance immediately – slicing a third of their payments.

Over the last 10 years, incapacity benefit has cost the taxpayer £135 billion and is paid to just over 2 million people.

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News posted: April 4, 2011

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