Incahoot says members save nearly £500

Incahoot says members save nearly £500

Members of group-buying website can save nearly £500, according to latest figures from the company.

The total amount saved on contracts for broadband, mobile phone, and energy bills, averages around £476 in total.

The breakdown of savings is as follows:

  • £280 on mobile phone contracts
  • £111 on energy bills
  • £85 on broadband

A 2010 Market Report from Ofcom revealed that the average consumer spend on mobile phones over 24 months totals £735.84 – compared to Incahoot’s £455.08 (including cashback).

The average spend on home broadband per household is £159.72 over 12 months. This has been compared to Incahoot’s Plusnet Value deal of £73.88 for 12 months, which includes cashback.

According to a report by OfGem, the average yearly spend on gas and electricity is £1,170, with Incahoot’s offering standing at £1,059, including £30 cashback.

Incahoot has been especially vigorous in its criticism of previous energy tariffs, which saw customer bills backdated with price increases by as much as three months.

The rules on how energy companies can charge increases was only changed last month.

John Evans, Incahoot CEO, commented: “Imagine the uproar if supermarkets started sending customers additional bills for weekly food shops they did three months ago. But that, effectively, is what energy suppliers have been allowed to get away with until now.

Improved transparency in the energy market will help consumers make better informed decisions about who supplies their gas and electricity, and give them a chance to switch suppliers before prices go up. Hikes in energy prices mean significant increases in annual household bills, and Ofgem’s decision will put power back in the hands of consumers.”

Incahoot’s member savings page can be found here.

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