Japan’s economy continues recovery from earthquake and tsunami

| July 29, 2011

Japanese industrial output gained for the third consecutive month in June as the worlda��s third largest economy is slowly recovering after the earthquake and tsunami, which struck in March.

Industrial output rose by 3.9% in June on a monthly basis, according to the Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry.

Japanese manufacturers were hit hard by the devastation caused by the twin disaster as they were forced to halt production.

Further evidence of a recovery came after it was revealed Japanese retail sales rose 1.1% in June on an annual basis a�� the first gain since March.

On a monthly basis, meanwhile, sales were 2.9% higher.

Meanwhile, last week it was revealed Japana��s exports recovered in June.

Exports rose by 5.4% on a monthly basis but were 1.6% lower on an annual basis a�� but this represented the slowest fall in four months.

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