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Retailers assess riot damage to trading and staff

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by Gill Montia
Retailers assess riot damage to trading and staff

A snapshot survey of retailers hit by the riots two weeks ago found that across 899 stores retailers lost over 7,500 hours of trading and reported more than 11,000 members of staff affected by the violence.

However, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) expects the damage to the sector as a whole to be “considerably higher” than the initial research suggest.

The BRC has also collected anecdotal evidence of the impact of the riots on retail staff, with comments including:

“There was fear of coming to work and not being able to get to work.”

“Two colleagues were mugged and assaulted on their way home.”

“Colleagues were in store when looters hit.”

“Some staff were caught still in one of the stores when it was broken into and had to escape through the rear – an extremely frightening experience.”

BRC director of business, Tom Ironside, comments: “The scenes of violence and looting which broke out two weeks ago were frightening even for the majority of us who were watching them on television … to have been in a shop as it was attacked or set on fire must have been terrifying.”

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News posted: August 24, 2011

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