Rising cost of heating is big concern for Britons


A survey by Incahoot.com has revealed Britons would rather risk hefty heating bills than turning up the heat in the bedroom.

The phrase “no sex please, we’re British” appears to be true after a survey by the collective buying website found that 90% of UK consumers would rather turn up the radiators than have sex with their partner to raise their temperature.

The survey established that 85% of Britons plan to put more clothes on this winter rather than stripping off in the bedroom.

According to the research, almost half of men and women questioned said they would rather have a hot drink than have sex, while 44% of women admit to cuddling up to a hot water bottle rather than their partner.

However, on a regional basis, it appears the most passionate are in Nottingham and Plymouth with 13% confessing they’d choose to get cosy under the covers rather than risk costly heating bills.

It appears that the younger generation would prefer getting hot in the bedroom with 22% opting to have sex rather than cranking up the heating.

In the meantime, the survey established that many Britons are concerned about the cost of heating with 43% saying they only put the heating on when it is absolutely essential, with just over a quarter putting the heating on in the rooms that are being used.

Commenting on the research, Incahoot.com CEO John Evans said: “Now the Indian summer is well and truly over, people need to be bill-savvy and make sure they’re shopping around for the best deal.

“Last year’s temperatures hit as low as -17°C in Oxfordshire and we’re anticipating a long cold winter. That means already expensive heating bills will go through the roof.”

The survey comes at a time when five of the big six energy firms have hiked their prices.

Npower recently lifted its prices with the company warning that from this month, gas bills will increase by 15.7% and electricity bills will be up by 7.2%.

The hike in energy bills is expected to lead to a rise in fuel poverty.

Anyone spending over 10% of their household income on heating their homes are said to be in fuel poverty.

The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) recently said there is a growing increase in the number of consumers struggling with fuel debts.

The Bureau advises either looking for the best deal by comparing suppliers or talk to your existing supplier to check whether you are on the best tariff.

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