Barclays launches mobile banking app

Barclays launches mobile banking app

Barclays’ free ‘Pingit’ app allows the bank’s UK current account holders to send money from their phone by simply entering the recipient’s mobile phone number.

Up to £300 can be sent via the app and funds are sent using ‘Faster Payments’, which means the payment could be credited to the recipient’s account within a few hours.

The recipient is sent a text message notifying them that money has been transferred.

They must register, either on the Barclays website or on a smartphone, within 24 hours in order to receive the payment.

The maximum someone can receive in a day is £5,000.

Initially only Barclays’ customers will be able to download the app, but the service will be extended to all banks by March.

One advantage the app has over traditional payment methods is that it eliminates the need to share bank details.

There is also no charge to either send or receive money, unlike PayPal which charges a percentage of the amount transferred.

The app is compatible with Android, iPhone and Blackberry phones.

From a security point of view, the app is encrypted, users have to enter a five-digit PIN code to access the app, and Barclays can automatically wipe the app from lost or stolen phone.

Pingit is expected to become a popular way for friends and family members to pay each other and Barclays also expects it to be used by sole traders such as window cleaners and plumbers. is warning people to be aware of the danger of fake Pingit apps being offered by online stores.

Tony Neate, from, said: “Someone could decide to create a new app and call it something similar to the Barclays app and put it on a site that’s uncontrolled, un-monitored.

“So making sure you’ve got the right app from the right place [and] that it’s genuine is critical.”

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