Car insurers follow Marmalade in planning ‘black box’ policies

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Research has revealed that more than 50% of drivers plan to switch to a black box insurance policy in the coming half decade.

The UK’s young driver market leader Intelligent Marmalade ( is a product from the award winning young person’s car insurance provider Young Marmalade.

“We have seen significant improvements in driver behavior since the introduction of our ‘orange box’ technology,” says Young Marmalade MD Crispin Moger.

Intelligent Marmalade allows young drivers to prove that they are good drivers but the ‘orange box’ will intervene if they have been driving unsafely.
“Only 3% of our young drivers have incurred increased premiums due to poor driving. It’s a successful deterrent which is definitely making Britain’s road safer”, says Mr. Moger.

The Vision Critical study found 57% of drivers plan to switch to similar technology as Intelligent Marmalade, with their appeal attracting those looking for young driver insurance as well as older motorists.

Car insurers follow Marmalade in planning ‘black box’ policies

Nearly a fifth of all drivers polled said they were weighing up a black box policy when renewal time came around.

The study also showed that 92% of drivers believed that ability and track record rather than age or gender should determine how much a person pays for their insurance.

Even more motorists (97%) felt that they should be given cheaper insurance for driving well.

Nearly two-thirds of drivers aged over 55 said they were considering a move to such a policy in the coming years.

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