£50,000 ‘lost’ following RBS computer glitch

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£50,000 ‘lost’ following RBS computer glitch

Consumers and businesses are still suffering from the aftermath of the software failure which hit the RBS group two weeks ago.

NIAVAC, a small Belfast-based firm claims that £50,000 in electronic payments has disappeared from its account with Ulster Bank.

It was also revealed this week that some RBS and NatWest customers had duplicate debits taken from their accounts.

It is believed that some customers with personal loans were charged twice but the bank has denied rumours that some mortgage payments were also duplicated.

The issue with duplicate debits affected fewer than 100,000 customers the bank said.

The problems follow a software update at RBS which caused the automated system that processes payments overnight to fail.

The bank has been criticised for not dealing with the issues more quickly, particularly at Ulster Bank.

The owner of NIAVAC, James Conlon, is calling on politicians to take action.

The firm is suffering cashflow problems as a result of the missing £50,000 and has been unable to pay its staff.

Mr Conlon said: “Ulster Bank cannot help us.

“They are saying ‘we’ll come back to you when we know more’ and that’s the only line we have over the past 10 days or more.”

The Minister of Finance and Personnel Sammy Wilson has met the chairman of RBS Sir Philip Hampton, but it is still unclear when all the issues at Ulster Bank will be resolved.

Answering questions over the issue at the Northern Ireland Assembly, Mr Wilson said that Sir Philip had told him that “it certainly will not be sorted this week.”

The Citizens’ Advice Bureau (CAB) is calling on Stormont to help Ulster Bank customers who are in receipt of benefits.

Derek Alcorn from the CAB said it could cause “real hardship” if the problems carry on into the July holiday period.

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