AA Breakdown Cover Review

AA UK Breakdown Cover Review

AA UK Breakdown Coverquote

AA UK Breakdown Cover

The AA is one of the biggest specialist breakdown service companies, and is widely marketed as one of the most efficient.

AA Breakdown Cover offers the following benefits with its service:

- 24-hour roadside and recovery assistance
- More dedicated patrols than any other company
- An average arrival time 40 minutes after the call
- The highest rate of successful roadside repairs than any other company
- Up to a 35% discount when you buy online

Website: AA Breakdown Cover website

AA Customer Experiences

As one of the largest breakdown services in the UK, the AA are a popular choice with the consumer.

Some customers acknowledge that the service is quick and the patrol staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. In most cases, a patrol will reach the customer within the 40 minutes they claim, and customers can be surprised at how often the car can be fixed by the roadside.

However, some customers complain having to wait more than an hour by the roadside. Waiting this long at night, however, may especially be a problem.

Others report frustration with the cost of renewal, which can be £20 more than the cost for new customers. As many point out, the renewal total of £50 is probably not worth it unless you feel you are likely to breakdown many times over the course of twelve months.

Even still, the AA patrols are roundly praised, with many going to extra lengths to look after the customer.

Overall Review for AA Breakdown Cover

As one of Britain’s largest breakdown services, the AA is able to offer wide coverage and a fast service.

However, new customers should beware that the nearest AA depot may not be as close as they presume, and they may have to wait longer than they wish.

Additionally, the cost to renew with the AA at the end of the year can be higher than the initial join up cost. For standard cover, renewal is around £50 extra, which may not seem such good value for money, until you find you actually have to call in on it.

Even still, the cover provided does exactly as it states on the tin, and the AA patrols are usually praised for their helpfulness and friendliness, which is often necessary is breaking down, especially somewhere unfamiliar.

Website: AA Breakdown Cover website