AA Motorcycle Insurance Review

AA UK Breakdown Coverquote

AA Motorbike Insurance

The AA is one of the biggest specialist vehicle breakdown companies, and is widely marketed as one of the most efficient.

AA Motorcycle Insurance offers the following benefits with its service:

- Search of a panel of leading insurance to get the best deal available
- Protected no-claims bonus
- Up to 60 days’ motorcycle cover across EU countries
- Instant cover and monthly payment options
- A range of optional extras, including uninsured loss recovery and personal accident cover.

Website: AA Motorbike insurance website

AA Customer Experiences

With a reputation of being one of the most trustworthy vehicle service companies in the UK, many customers are drawn to the insurance options offered by the AA.

However, a number of complaints are raised regarding the price of the insurance coverage.

As many customers point out, the AA’s claim to find the best deal available is not always matched with results.

A further problem with the service, which is more of a limitation of the terms rather than a complaint, is the fact that the policy only covers the named policyholder. For some, this is problematic, as they may require insurance for two or more people per motorcycle.

This limitation also exists with the Multi-bike cover, which covers more than one bike for the policyholder under a single policy.

Overall Review for AA Motorcycle Insurance

The AA offer a valuable, time-saving service in finding you the best deal for your motorcycle insurance. The additional benefits offered, such as the protected no-claims bonus, are also worth considering.

Not too infrequently, however, the ‘best deal’ offered might not actually be the best deal out there, and may reflect only the limited number of insurers in the pool.

Even still, it’s worth remembering that in the event of a claim, it’s not the price you need to worry about, but the quality of customer care.

Despite some minor negatives, the service offered by the AA is free, so if you really are stuck for time to search yourself, this isn’t really a bad option.

Website: AA Motorbike insurance website