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April 29, 2005


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FinanceMarkets.co.uk is an independent online publication, providing information on financial markets.

This service is free of charge to use, but do please read our disclaimer.

FinanceMarkets.co.uk is owned and administrated by Britecorp Ltd, a UK registered corporation, Registration number: SC289201, VAT no. : 870 2138 42.

Staff & Contributors

Brian Turner is the editor of Finance Markets, and regularly contributes to the sections on Property & Mortgages, as well as Investment news. He also administrates the FM forums.

Elaine Frei is a permanent staff writer specialising in world investment news. She provides latest updates on all the major exchanges, covering everything from stocks to commodities to economic indicators.

Kathryn Lang is a freelance writer who specialises in personal finance and debt issues. She has recently become a regular on the FM blog, providing helpful information on general personal finance issues for the novice and general consumer.

Khurram Naik is a derivatives broker educated at Harvard and Princeton. He recently joined the FM blog team to help introduce the complexities of commodities and forex investment for the novice investor.


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