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Monday 11th of October 2010
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Argos Travel Insurance Review

by Oliver Thompson

Argos Travel Insurancequote

Argos Travel Insurance

Argos is one of the UK’s largest and well known retail stores, and have only recently diversified into selling different types of insurance.

Argos Travel Insurance offers the following benefits:

- A choice of Single trip or annual Multi-trip cover
- Optional extras, such as wedding cover, winter sports cover or golf cover
- 5% discount when you buy online
- Worldwide coverage

Website: Argos Travel Insurance website

Argos Customer Experiences

The major merit of Argos Travel Insurance is that it is extremely cheap. Prices are amongst the most competitive on the market.

While Argos insurance normally has some good recommendations, as with all insurance companies, there are always complaints.

By far the most common issue reported is the time to settle claims, which occurs across most insurance companies. This can get particularly complicated is someone is not covered for specific incidents.

Some blame this on the policy itself which is not clearly explained. This can be exasperating in the event of theft, particularly of jewellery and other valuables.

While staff are pleasant and helpful at the signing up stage, frustrations with the claims process can make some customers feel that the staff could do with better training.

Overall Review for Argos Travel Insurance

Argos Travel Insurance is a good option if you want cheap coverage with a range of optional extras.

However, with the low price may sometimes seem like buying into a lower quality service.

Additionally, while it is the responsibility of the customer to find the right coverage for their policy. In certain events, such as theft, it can be all the more harrowing to come home and discover that you didn’t have the cover you presumed was there.

Overall, Argos otherwise have a decent customer care record, but remember that ensuring you are fully covered for your travel insurance is more important than buying a cheap policy.

Website: Argos Travel Insurance website


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