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Saturday 30th of October 2010

Barclays Car Insurance Review

by Oliver Thompson

Barclays Car Insurance

Barclays Car Insurancequote

Barclays is one of the world’s oldest financial service providers, with over 300 years of experience. They offer financial services – such as lending, investing and protecting money for over 42 million customers and clients worldwide.

Barclays offer the following benefits with their car insurance:

- Up to 70% no-claims discount
- A 24-hour helpline and efficient claims service
- Accident recovery and repair service, with repairs guaranteed for 12 months
- 10% online discount
- A courtesy car if you use an approved repairer
- Car cleaning, in and out, before being returned
- Windscreen and window breakage covered with no affect on your no claims discount

They also offer optional policy cover for driving in Europe and legal covers.

Additionally, if you are already insured with Barclays, they will offer you a 5% loyalty discount.

Website: Barclays car insurance

Barclays Customer Experience

Barclays car insurance customers are generally very satisfied. Many are genuinely shocked at how good a deal they got with a bank, compared to a more specialist insurer.

Perhaps what is most surprising is that Barclays offer a quote that is initially quite low, but they may offer to adjust their rate to beat a better deal elsewhere. This may be by as much as £100 on their nearest competitor.

Renewal quotes are often little more than previous. Even flowing a claim, the renewal is still competitive with the rest of the market.

Unfortunately, the claims process still takes its time to work, with some customers reporting they had to wait weeks for it to pass from one stage to the next. Yet, compared to the industry as a whole, Barclays still offer a surprisingly quick service.

There are few complaints regarding customer service. Most report a general feeling of satisfaction after going to the company for help, both in terms of the friendliness of the staff and the advice and sympathy on offer.

Overall Review for Barclays Car Insurance

Barclays offer a surprisingly good car insurance deal.

What few complaints there are about Barclays car insurance generally relate to the length of time it takes to process a claim, which many customers feel is a little unnecessary and often leave them frustrated.

On the other hand, is this just the nature of making a claim on insurance?

With a relatively small-scale operation, Barclays pull off a very good service. Even with competitive prices, there is little trade-off with actual value for money, which remains high.

For cheap and efficient car insurance, Barclays is certainly one to try.

Website: Barclays car insurance


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