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Car Insurance - cheaper online

Most people don't realise this, but many car insurance providers offer special discounts if you buy online!

The discount is typically around 10% off - so if you'd expect to pay £200 for your car insurance, then that's a full £20 off. And that's on top of getting a really competitive quote anyway, so buying car insurance online can be a real winner.

Of course, not every insurance comapny does this as yet - but if you are looking for a quote on car insurance, the following providers all offer a discount simply by getting your car insurance online:

Direct Line Car Insurance

Direct Line Car Insurance offers 10% off if you order online! Directline also settles 95% of it's claims over the phone, and return all repaired cars fully cleaned. Direct Line also cover your excess and leave your no claims intact on your car insurance if you're hit by an uninsured driver:

Directline Car Insurance - 10% off online

Churchill Car Insurance

Churchill Car Insurance can offer a free courtesy car with breakdown recovery, and if your car needs repairing, they could offer you free repairs guaranteed for 5 years. Churchill also offers up to 65% no claims bonus and also offers 10% off the price if you buy online:

Churchill Car Insurance - up to 10% off online!

Natwest Car Insurance

Natwest are another of the big companies to throw their weight behind car insurance and offer up to a 70% no claims discount. They also throw in Green Flag recovery cover, a courtesy car, and a 24-hour helpline for customers. And, as ever, they could offer a cheaper quote online:

NatWest Car Insurance: up to 70% no-claims bonus

Privilege Car Insurance

Privilege Car Insurance is especially tailored to drivers who have 4 years or more no claims bonus, so they tend to be able to offer really competitive insurance rates. This is despite that they also offer a courtest car, accident service, and additional levels of benefits if required. And, as ever, they could offer a cheaper quote online:

Privilege Car Insurance - Discount rates!

Prudential Car Insurance

Prudential are one of the really established car insurers, so it'll be hard to go wrong with them. This is especially as they offer 10% off if you buy online, on top of providing really competitive quotes anyway. Prudential also offer free car breakdown cover and free tax disc holder as well!

Prudential Car Insurance - Discount rates!

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