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Co-operative Car Insurance

The Co-operative Group is a unique business democratically run by members to meet their common needs and aspirations. They offer mostly financial services, from banking to insurance, though they are well known retailers of food, health care and travel.

As a working co-operative, the Group has a unique member-driven ethical policy, which influences the company greater than the blind pursuit of profits.

With their motor insurance, the Co-operative can offer some or all of the following benefits:

– Up to 30% no claims discount in your first year, and up to 40% upon renewal. See qualifying criteria
– Up to A?500,000 rebuilding costs as standard
– Legal expenses cover up to the value of A?50,000 (in association with Co-operative Legal Services Limited.)
– Belongings are replaced on a a�?new for olda�� basis except clothes and linen
– If you need to make a claim our UK-based claim lines are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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The Co-operative Customer Experiences

The Co-operative Group are rated extremely highly by their customer base, including those with motor insurance.

As far as price goes, the Co-operative are around mid-market range and not often the most competitive. However, according to some customers, every penny of the cost is justified in the service that is delivered.

Some customers quibble with an increase in renewal year on year. However, most acknowledge that these increases are no more than what can be expected as the industry standard these days.

The Co-operative customer care service is amongst the most highly rated in the sector. Signing up is made quick and painless, whilst making an enquiry either by email or telephone usually evokes a swift, helpful reply.

Helpline staff are also praised for being knowledgeable and friendly.

When it comes to making a claim, the Co-operative are not as reluctant or sluggish as some of their competitors. Customers are keen to point out that among the many virtues of the customer-centred approach is that staff members are quite eager to offer help and advice a�� even when making a claim or protesting about a decision.

Of the bonuses on offer with the insurance, perhaps the most popular is the 30 daysa�� free cover in the EU, which cannot be found elsewhere. Additionally, more people than one would initially think enjoy driving around in a car knowing that their insurer is offsetting 20% of their emissions.

Overall Review for Co-operative Motor Insurance

Co-operative motor insurance is worth a browse just on the virtues of its people-centred approach to business.

Beyond that, prices are moderately attractive and the service in event of a breakdown or making a claim is relatively quick and easy.

Being a voting member of this organisation, as well as enjoying the moral high ground with its unique ethical policy, is merely the icing on the cake.

Certainly give the Co-operative a look if you want efficient car insurance with a human touch.

All in all, the many benefits give this product a value for money virtually unmatched in the industry.

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