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Wednesday 22nd of September 2010
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Columbus Direct Travel Insurance Review

by Oliver Thompson

Columbus Direct Travel Insurancequote

Columbus Direct Travel Insurance

Columbus Direct have been selling insurance for over twenty years, including travel insurance, car insurance and home insurance.

They offer travel insurance in the following forms:

- Single trip insurance
- Annual multi-trip insurance
- Backpacker insurance
- Ski travel insurance
- Business Travel Insurance
- Adventure Holiday Travel Insurance
- Over 64 Travel Insurance
- For those with a pre-existing medical condition

Website: Columbus Direct Travel Insurance website

Columbus Direct Customer Experiences

Columbus’ customers are among the most satisfied of all travel insurance purchasers. This is largely down to the low cost of the policies on offer, but also the large range of coverage for different circumstances.

Customers are also very pleased with the customer service offered by the company, with a helpful 24 hour customer careline and staff that seem genuinely happy to find the best policy to meet the buyer’s needs.
However, as with all insurance companies, there are always complaints.

Mostly, complaints refer to the length of time taken to process claims and also the amount of paperwork involved.

Overall Review

Columbus Direct offers a competitive price on their travel insurance policy. They also offer policies to cover a multitude of personal situations, from ski holidays to business trips, and insurance for those over 64 and those with a pre-existing medical condition.

They also have an excellent reputation for good customer service, which rarely misses the mark.

A combination of the above two advantages perhaps outweighs the frustration one might expect with the company as claim periods can last a long time.

Website: Columbus Direct Travel Insurance website


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