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Direct Line Life Insurance

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Direct Line is one of the UK’s biggest and most well-known insurance companies. They currently have more than 5 million customers, and are part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

Direct Line make a point of not being listed on price comparison websites which would otherwise raise policy costs due to finder fee payments to them.

Depending on your age and personal situation, you can get Direct Line Life Insurance for as little as 20p a day – which works out at roughly £70 a year.

They also boast UK-only call centres, instant cover and no complicated forms to fill in prior to the policy beginning.

They have two types of cover:

- Fixed Term Life Cover
- ‘Mortgage’ Life Cover, where the amoutn of cover decreases year on year in line with a standard repayment mortgage.

Both types of cover have a maximum period of cover upt ot 70 next birthday, and a maximum age to start a policy of 65. The minimum sum assured is £30,000 for under 40 year-olds and £20,000 for those over 40. the maximum sum assured is £2million.

Additionally, Direct Line offer optional Critical Illness Cover.

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Direct Line Customer Experiences

As with many life insurance companies, there are complaints. Most refer to the length of time it takes for a claim to process, which in the event of bereavement can be very frustrating.

Some customers remark at how disappointing it is to find that a serious illness is not covered under the standard policy (i.e. a ‘terminal illness’) but only covered under the ‘Critical Illness Policy’ which then costs extra.

However, most customers report great satisfaction with Direct Line cover. Helpline staff are friendly, sympathetic and understanding. There are few complaints regarding the advice offered by the company - an issue that often plague other types of insurance.

For many customers, this personal touch is the most important factor and gives them some peace of mind in what can be a very emotional issue.

Other customers report that while the product is not very flexible, the cover is reliable and the premiums are affordable.

Overall Review for Direct Line life insurance

Direct Line Life Insurance can be a reliable and competent choice.

Their cover is competitive and not discriminatory. They also offer additional cover if you have a serious illness not covered under the standard policy, though this will cost you extra.

There may be some dispute over what you would call a ‘terminal illness’ and a ‘critical illness’ but Direct Line are clear in their documentation what falls into which category. To avoid disappointment, always ask exactly what is covered and what isn’t.

Fortunately, helpline staff are usually very competent in this department and should make any problems easy to overcome.

For competent and reliable life cover, Direct Line is certainly one to look into.

Website: Direct Line Life Insurance