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Wednesday 15th of December 2010
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Direct Line Travel Insurance

by Brian Turner

Direct Line Travel Insurance

Directline travel Insurancequote

Direct Travel Insurance is one of the UK’s leading travel insurance providers, specialising completely in this area since 1993.

They offer the following types of travel insurance policies all with various levels of coverage, from standard to premier plus:

- Single trip insurance
- Annual trip insurance
- Backpacker insurance
- Ski travel insurance

Among the benefits with these policies are:

- Insurance for travellers up to 75 years old
- Free coverage for dependent children up to the age of 19
- Up to £10,000,0000 available for medical expenses, including a 24 emergency assistance line
- Cover for business trips at no extra cost
- Access to a unique Talking Nurses service, providing medical advice over the telephone from qualified nurses or doctors

Website: Direct Line Travel Insurance

Direct Line Travel Customer Experiences

Direct Travel’s customers are amongst the most satisfied of all travel insurance purchasers.

For most, this is largely due to the wide range of policies and cover on offer. Not only is Direct offering coverage for a variety of circumstances, but also with various different degrees of coverage.

Additionally, the benefits that come as standard are comparable with other travel insurance providers. On the other hand, the costs of the policies are not cheap.

Perhaps the winning stroke for Direct Travel is the Talking Nurses service, which provides professional advice over the phone to all customers who may feel isolated and anxious following a serious accident in a foreign country.

While – thankfully – few customers ever need to use this service, the vast majority are happy it is there.

This unique idea seems to be a popular hit, reeling in many new customers.

Overall Review for Direct Line travel insurance

Direct Travel Insurance is perhaps not a choice for travellers looking to get insurance on a budget. However, you certainly get value for money with their policies.

There are few complaints to be had regarding the company’s customer service too.

The standard benefits of insurance with Direct are attractive and the additional benefits from the premium packages are even more so.

However, the unique Talking Nurses service is a major bonus for the company, and one many customers are happy to pay more to enjoy.

Website: Direct Line Travel Insurance


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