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Hiscox is a international specialist insurer, underwriting a diverse range of private and commercial insurance risks and currently provides business insurance for over 70,000 customers.

They offer six types of insurance cover for your business:

- Professional Indemnity protects against sums you may have to pay in compensation to your clients because of problems with your work;

- Public Liability covers claims made against the business by a client, contractor or member of the public over accidental injury or property damage, with a choice of A?1 million, A?2 million or A?5 million to cover the cost of compensation;

- Employee Liability covers the compensation in cases where an employee of your organisation sues due to any physical or mental illness acquired at your workplace;

- Office Contents Insurance protects the contents of your workplace, whether it is an office or you work from home;

- Personal Accident Insurance will protect your business in the event of you or a key member of staff being unable to work due to injury. Hiscox will pay out a weekly amount to your business to help cover any losses incurred while you or your staff member is out of work, or, if the person is permanently disabled or killed, a lump sum may be paid.

- The E-Risks Policy is designed to help small businesses protect against any damage to their computer systems in the event of a computer virus or a hacking. It can also include cover for defamation, online identity fraud, your infringements of other peoplea��s intellectual property rights, and the cost of hiring new equipment if your computer freezes during an official investigation;

Website: Hiscox Business Insurance website

Hiscox Customer Experience

Hiscox offers a wide variety of products for business insurance, with cover that can be tweaked to meet the customera��s needs. In general, this is a major plus for Hiscox customers, who appreciate the ability to customise what and what isna��t protected.

While their business insurance may not be the cheapest on the market it is certainly one of the most appealing.

In particular, customers are attracted to how clear the policies are about what and what isna��t covered, such as the Personal Accident Insurance, which pays out even when an employee is injured outside of work, such as a DIY accident at home.

Hiscox customer help line staff is praised for being helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.

New customers are pleased to see how quick and easy it is to sign up, whilst those making claims are satisfied that the process is not complicated in any way. Few problems seem to exist in this area, even for the more expensive claims.

Overall Review for Hiscox Home Insurance

Hiscox offer a professional, straight-forward business insurance service, with a wide range of optional extras and customised policies to suit the consumer.

In terms of value for money, this may be one of the best. The customer service is strong and it is relatively simple to process a claim.

Hiscox offers a decent service that appears to be well worth the money. While business insurance can be costly and, in some cases, unnecessary, it can also be one of the most welcome types of insurance when disaster strikes and livelihoods may be at risk.

Website: Hiscox Business Insurance website