HSBC Car Insurance

HSBC Car Insurance

HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world, with a long history in providing insurance for road vehicles.

HSBC offer the following benefits with their car insurance:

- 3 years guarantee on all approved repair work
- Up to 90 days cover when you use your car in the EU
- Unlimited cover for manufacturer fitted car stereo and sat-nav equipment
- Windscreen and glass cover
- Optional no claims discount protection
- Optional legal protection to help you claim for any uninsured losses
- Optional motor legal protection up to A?100,000
- Optional 14 days car hire after an accident, fire, or theft

HSBC Customer Experience

HSBC car insurance customers are generally very satisfied. Many are genuinely shocked at how good a deal they got with a larger financial institution, compared to a more specialist insurer.

Perhaps what is most surprising is that HSBC offer a quote based on the competition, so the deal you are offered is often the cheapest available.

Renewal quotes are often little more than previous, even for customers who have made a claim on their policy.

There are few complaints regarding customer service. Most report a general feeling of satisfaction after going to the company for help, both in terms of the friendliness of the staff and the advice and sympathy on offer.

Additionally, though more costly claims can take time to process, as can be expected, few customers find anything to fault about this, as the company are good at keeping them well informed throughout the period.

Overall Review for HSBC Car Insurance

HSBC offer a surprisingly good car insurance deal. Even with competitive prices, there is little trade-off with actual value for money, which remains high.

For a competitive and efficient car insurance, HSBC remains one of the best available.