HSBC Home Insurance

HSBC Home Insurancequote

HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world, with a long history in providing insurance for homes and their content.

They currently offer three types of home insurance.

All policies come with a 15% online discount for new customers.

- Their Buildings Insurance has unlimited insurance cover, and cover for accommodation if your home is made uninhabitable by an uninsurable cause.

- Their Contents Insurance replaces contents as new to a value of £50,000 and £3000 extra contents cover over Christmas for no extra charge.

- Their joint Buildings and Contents Insurance has the same benefits as the above two policies but has an additional half price discount on the combination.

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HSBC Customer Experience

Most HSBC customer experiences are very positive.

With a renowned international reputation in the banking and insurance industries, the company can afford to request prices for their policies that are among the most expensive in the market.

This is a view shared by many of their customers, who feel they receive real value for money.
This therefore makes the combined Buildings and Contents policy even more worthwhile.

Customer help line staff is praised for being helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Signing up is made relatively simple and the claim process is straightforward.

While some complicated claims can take months to sort out, few customers in general find this unacceptable. Such cases are helped by the benefits that come with the policies.

Overall Review for HSBC Home Insurance

HSBC offer a high-standard home insurance service, with added benefits that make it good value for money and extremely competitive.

The customer service is strong and there is little paperwork involved in both signing up and making a claim.

HSBC, unlike many insurance companies, do not seem to make their customers jump through endless hoops just to get their claim paid out. And this in itself makes it worth a look.

Website: HSBC Home Insurance