LV Pet Insurance

Liverpool Victoria Pet Insurance

Liverpool Victoria is one of the UKa��s oldest mutual insurance societies. They provide a wide range of financial products, from savings, insurance and investments.

Their Pet Insurance offers the following benefits:

- Up to A?5000 cover per condition for vetsa�� fees
- Essential pet insurance, for a maximum of 12 months treatment per condition
- Premier pet insurance, with no time limit for treatment per condition
- No instalment charge if you wish to pay monthly
- No upper age limit
- Automatic cover for a range of benefits including g advertising costs if your pet gets lost or stolen, and holiday cancellation costs if your pet needs emergency treatment
- UK based call centres

Liverpool Victoria Customer Experiences

As with all insurance companies, there are always complaints.

Liverpool Victoria claim to be cheap, which may be true in more than one sense of the word. By far the largest issue their customers report is the slow response to their claims.

Other complaints are largely concerned with how difficult it is to make claims for certain pets with certain illnesses. Such difficulties often catch customers by surprise, especially when, if resolved, it may lead to an increase in premiums at the end of the year.

Overall Review for Liverpool Victoria Pet Insurance

Liverpool Victoria offer competitive prices, but this may feel like a trade off against service for some customers.

Delays and communication issues will be frustrating for any customer who feels that they experience them, and with pet insurance this can be a considerably emotive issue.

Overall, LV pet insurance seems to underline the old adage – you get what you pay for. If insurance is cheap, then don’t expect the best service, and this seems especially true for Liverpool Victoria. However, the policy cover is generally good, just don’t expect the fastest service around.