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Friday 23rd of February 2018
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Saga Motor Insurance Review

by Oliver Thompson

Saga Car Insurance

Saga Motor Insurance

Saga is a familiar brand primarily known for providing holidays for people aged fifty and over. The major part of its business derives from insurance and other financial services. In 2007, Saga merged with the AA.

Saga offer the following benefits with their motor insurance:

- Up to 20% online discount
- No extra charge to spread your payments monthly by Direct Debit for all new car insurance policies
- Cover when driving in the European Union at no extra cost and for an unlimited period
- Replacement car for up to 14 days whilst yours is being repaired by one of our approved repairs following an insured incident in the UK
- New for old cover on cars less than two years old where you are the first registered keeper (12,000 mileage restriction for the second year)
- Emergency ‘any driver’ cover – anyone with a full licence can drive your car in a medical or motoring emergency providing you are also in the vehicle
- Discounted Saga Breakdown Assistance when added to your Saga Car Insurance policy

Additionally, believing that over 50’s make fewer claims on their insurance than under 50’s, Saga offer better premiums for drivers within this age band.

Saga Customer Experience

While the Saga brand is normally pitched at the over-50′s, there are a surprising number of people younger than this market who sign up for Saga car insurance.

Invariably, because Saga is aimed at the over-50′s, insurance for younger age groups tends to be quite expensive by comparison to other car insurance providers, and this certainly raises complaints.

Even still, Saga still receives a number of complaints online about the service, which are fairly typical of those selling on price, namely in terms of the customer care provided.

Additionally, a number of complaints are raised about the recommended repairers, with a percentage of customers unhappy about this part of the claims process.

Despite all this, the most satisfied group of customers remain those over the age of fifty, who benefit from especially competitive insurance premiums compared to other providers.

Overall Review for Saga Motor Insurance

Saga remains a specialist provider looking to the over-50′s, and this consumer group remains generally happy with the insurance cover provided, not least because the premiums tend to be especially cheap by comparison.

Even still, issues that affect other car insurance providers, such as delays in getting claims completed, and especially the overall customer car process, can still rankle with some.

Overall, Saga’s car insurance is aimed at the over-50′s, and if you fit into this group, the chances are you may well find what you need. However, for the under-50′s, there are usually more competitive car insurance providers out there.

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News posted: February 16, 2009

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  1. Re SAGA Motor Insurance. I am 76 years old and have always felt that I could trust SAGA. However I am in the process of making a claim for a small bump and I am appauled at the correspondence I have had to deal with, from the repairers, the Insurance company and a company which is dealing with trying to recover the costs for Saga. The same information has been requested four times and I am now in a state of anxiety. Saga? Never again!

    Comment by K Baker — May 21, 2009 @ 10:29 am

  2. we have had such a negative experience with them that we told them we would never insure with them again. Still they tried to obtain money from our bank account without even agreeing a quote with us. They alo did this 4 weeks prior to our insurance renewall date. Is theft legal in the inurance buiness these days?

    Comment by powell — September 29, 2009 @ 9:17 am

  3. I would never use Saga again and I am telling all my family and friends never to use them and to stop using them if they do. I had to cancel when my car broke down and as a pensioner couldn’t afford to repair it. I expected a cancellation fee but they wanted 3 months premium. What a rip off. On top of that they hike the premium every year by an above average amount. Avoid this company.

    Comment by Trevor Nunn — November 11, 2010 @ 12:04 am

  4. Saga continued to bill us quarterly for a vehicle we sold in August 2010, asking for a renewal in January 2011. They say they did not receive the phone call or the certificate returned to them two days afer we sold the car, and need proof from DVLA that we sold it then. That means donloading a form, posting it to DVLA along with a fee, and waiting 28 days for it’s return, then Saga will process the form and will “CONSIDER” if a refund is due!
    Their phone staff are very sarcastic, which is not really much help.

    Comment by Jake Drummond — November 13, 2010 @ 1:22 pm

  5. saga absolutely stink. I had a minor bump in jan 2010 , thought every thing would be sorted , then in july had a summons from crown court for £11,200 under my name saying that as saga had not paid the claim they were taking me to court . informed saga who said not to worry as they were going to attend court and fight it . now november and i have had a default summons as still not paid . I now have to use solicitors to fight my case , inept company who don”t care about the customer .

    Comment by les sullivan — November 15, 2010 @ 2:19 pm

  6. Beware if trying to use the “price guarantee”, I tried to last year, all agreed over the phone, but when push came to shove, SAGA response was sorry you have not sent enough documentation,etc etc, very shoddy. Ended up paying almost twice the price of competitive like for like quote.

    Comment by Robert Dodd — December 9, 2010 @ 11:57 am

  7. Saga
    Are the biggest rip offs in the Insurance industry, No wonder they contact the over 50s As they think everybody goes senile!!!! after that age , and dont read emails , they put the insurance up every year above everybody else in the industry. Just keep away from this company , as they are robbing you all.

    Thanks Steve

    Comment by Steve Maxwell — January 9, 2011 @ 7:51 pm

  8. I am disgusted with saga, they have just taken unauthrise payment out of my bank account, I had cancelled my direct debit, of £8.00, which was monthly, they took out £21 by setting new direct debit (without authoristaion) have reported to Bank, police, finnancial ombudsman.

    MICHAEL PARKINSON should not be front man for them.

    Comment by Sheila Quinn — March 3, 2011 @ 5:50 pm

  9. i was rear ended,by a taxi ,saga claimed they sent an engineer to see my car,which in fact was not true,they sent me a letter saying sorry about that,i was fully comp then told me the address of the company being Westminster taxi insurance ,they gave me the wrong one so again sayed sorry then claimed my car is worth £280 ,less £250 excess.so would give me £30 told them no,then the money was to be £550 less excess ,got £850 in the end,do not use this company ,AA is the same company run by aromas,leave well alone,still waiting for ombudsman over a year and two months i had personal accident cover i paid for this as they would not pay out now can not work due to damage to my back can not stand or walk any distance ,still waiting for the court to deal with it accident was on 17 nov 2006.

    Comment by daniel mc entee — March 8, 2011 @ 6:51 am

  10. Why are Insurance Companies allowed to claim off insurers if their car is stolen, declared a write off, found by the police, no trace of the driver.I as a victim of such a crime, have received my renewal with an Increase of approx £1,000 on a second hand 1.4 10 year old car.Which as a pensioner I cannot afford. Makes life extremely difficult when (a) I’m dependent on the car due to disability and no family to offer help. All this means loss of independance

    Comment by Joan FitzGerald — March 11, 2011 @ 7:56 am

  11. My 85 year old GIL had a car insurance renewal quote for twice the usual annual premium of now £1100!!! We used Go compare and have now insured her with L&V for half of that with better conditions! (no excess, breakdown, legal, accident etc.). When we approached SAGA, her current insurer, regarding the price match promise they stalled and said they needed “more info” even though they had plenty and tried to stress her into going with them. If she was not so fit for her age they would have just renewed and ripped her off as she is on monthly payments. Disgusting ripping off the elderly generation banking on them not understanding or not checking. I will report this to the authorities. :-( what a sad world we live in…

    Comment by Irene Graham — April 13, 2011 @ 8:52 pm

  12. Never use Saga Again!

    The contact staff are rude and unhelpful. I was told to ‘take the bus’ after my car was a writeoff in an accident!

    I was left totally upset. Over a month after the accident, I am still chasing for some reply!

    No one returns my calls. They only care when it comes to taking money out of accounts.

    Comment by Pigou — May 21, 2011 @ 8:21 am

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