Saga Motor Insurance Review

Saga Car Insurance

Saga Motor Insurance

Saga is a familiar brand primarily known for providing holidays for people aged fifty and over. The major part of its business derives from insurance and other financial services. In 2007, Saga merged with the AA.

Saga offer the following benefits with their motor insurance:

- Up to 20% online discount
- No extra charge to spread your payments monthly by Direct Debit for all new car insurance policies
- Cover when driving in the European Union at no extra cost and for an unlimited period
- Replacement car for up to 14 days whilst yours is being repaired by one of our approved repairs following an insured incident in the UK
- New for old cover on cars less than two years old where you are the first registered keeper (12,000 mileage restriction for the second year)
- Emergency ‘any driver’ cover – anyone with a full licence can drive your car in a medical or motoring emergency providing you are also in the vehicle
- Discounted Saga Breakdown Assistance when added to your Saga Car Insurance policy

Additionally, believing that over 50’s make fewer claims on their insurance than under 50’s, Saga offer better premiums for drivers within this age band.

Saga Customer Experience

While the Saga brand is normally pitched at the over-50′s, there are a surprising number of people younger than this market who sign up for Saga car insurance.

Invariably, because Saga is aimed at the over-50′s, insurance for younger age groups tends to be quite expensive by comparison to other car insurance providers, and this certainly raises complaints.

Even still, Saga still receives a number of complaints online about the service, which are fairly typical of those selling on price, namely in terms of the customer care provided.

Additionally, a number of complaints are raised about the recommended repairers, with a percentage of customers unhappy about this part of the claims process.

Despite all this, the most satisfied group of customers remain those over the age of fifty, who benefit from especially competitive insurance premiums compared to other providers.

Overall Review for Saga Motor Insurance

Saga remains a specialist provider looking to the over-50′s, and this consumer group remains generally happy with the insurance cover provided, not least because the premiums tend to be especially cheap by comparison.

Even still, issues that affect other car insurance providers, such as delays in getting claims completed, and especially the overall customer car process, can still rankle with some.

Overall, Saga’s car insurance is aimed at the over-50′s, and if you fit into this group, the chances are you may well find what you need. However, for the under-50′s, there are usually more competitive car insurance providers out there.