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Tuesday 06th of July 2010

News Tag: circulation

June 30, 2010

Elgar £20 note withdrawn from circulation today

by Kay Murchie
The £20 banknote featuring the image of composer Sir Edward Elgar will be withdrawn from circulation today. The alternative £20 note features the picture of father of modern economics, Adam Smith, which has been in circulation since March 2007. However, anyone with an Edward Elgar note after today can swap it by sending it back to the Bank of England. Banks, building ...

June 28, 2010

New ATMs launched to boost circulation of £5 note

by Kay Murchie
In a bid to boost circulation of the £5 note, ATMs which only dispense fivers have been installed across Britain, following a two-year trial in London. Almost two dozen machines, run by the ATM operator Bank Machine, have been installed in various locations, including Manchester, Stroud, Oxford, Cardiff and Portsmouth. The 21 new £5-only machines will be housed in ...

December 7, 2009

ATMs to dispense more £5 notes in New Year

by Kay Murchie
In a bid to boost circulation of the £5 note, the Bank of England has said it will urge major banks to increase the availability of £5 notes in their ATMs. Fivers change hands quickly and, as a result, only last around a year before becoming too damaged to use. In comparison, the £50 note is usually in ...

August 20, 2009

HSBC ATMs to dispense more £5 notes

by Kay Murchie
HSBC ATMs to dispense more £5 notes
In a bid to boost circulation of the £5 note, HSBC has begun a pilot scheme in conjunction with the Bank of England. The bank said it will stock more £5 notes in 100 of its ATMs across the Midlands and South West England. According to the latest figures from the Bank of England, there are £1.3 billion worth of £5 notes ...