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05th of November 2010
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News Tag: decisions

November 1, 2010

US dollar falls as markets anticipate eventful week

by Kay Murchie
The US dollar has fallen to a fresh 15-year low today against the Japanese yen and also fell against the euro. Many are calling this week “the busiest week in decades" as interest rate decisions are expected across the globe. US central bank, the Federal Reserve, could be set to provide extra stimulus to strengthen the economy, when it meets this ...

May 26, 2010

Fed chairman warns of political interference

by Kay Murchie
Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the US Federal Reserve, has emphasised the importance of central banks to be free of political meddling and to keep their independence. Mr Bernanke believes central banks throughout the world should be able to make key economic decisions about monetary policy without Government interference. His statement comes as some Governments throughout the world are trying to influence ...