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Sunday 07th of June 2009

News Tag: energy

June 3, 2009

Brits burn £1.5bn by sticking with their energy supplier

by David Masters
British householders are wasting over £1.5 billion every year on energy bills by not shopping around for the cheapest supplier. Research by uSwitch.com found that customers on standard energy plans pay £185 per year on average than those who have an internet-based energy account. Despite this, only 5% of households currently use an online energy plan. The study also found that ...

April 15, 2009

US consumer prices falling by 0.1 percent

by Peter Charalambous
US consumer prices have fallen by 0.1 percent last month, whilst the Federal Reserve forecasts indicate that inflation will continue to fall, as the consumer price index (CPI) decreased 0.1 percent compared with the 0.1 percent increase forecast by analysts. In the 12 months between March 2008 and March 2009 prices have fallen by 0.4 percent which is the biggest fall ...

April 9, 2009

Widespread shock at winter energy bills

by David Masters
Two in five UK consumers were 'shocked' at the price of their energy bill this winter, whilst a tenth of consumers cannot afford to pay it, new research by moneysupermarket.com has revealed. The coldest winter in a decade, coupled with soaring energy prices, left many householder a gasp when they opened their heating bill. A feeling of 'shock' came over 42% of Brits ...

October 14, 2008

UK inflation reaches 16-year high

by Kay Murchie
According to official figures, UK inflation hit 5.2% in September, the highest level since March 1992, and more than twice the Government’s target of 2%. Higher food and energy costs this year have been blamed for the surge in inflation this year. The Office for National Statistics said the annual rate of inflation for energy and other household bills reached 15% - the highest ...

September 11, 2008

Ten million homes to benefit from energy saving measures

by Gill Montia
Ten million homes to benefit from energy saving measures
Over 10 million homes in Britain are to benefit from a government initiative to help reduce fuel bills. With gas and electricity costs soaring in recent months ministers have been under pressure to introduce a windfall tax on utility providers as a means of funding cash handouts to the nation's poorer families. However, the idea has been abandoned in ...

August 14, 2008

US inflation rises at fastest rate since January 1991

by Kay Murchie
Official inflation statistics published by the Labour Department have revealed that US inflation has hit the highest point for 17 years. Prices in the US increased by 5.6% in the 12 months to July and the rate of inflation was much higher than economists had forecasted, pushed higher by the increases in energy prices and food costs which were ...