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News Tag: Financial Stability Report

November 29, 2012

UK banks must raise more capital to cover risks

by Jan Harris
UK banks must raise more capital to cover risks
UK banks need to raise £60 billion to meet regulatory risk standards and to cover fines and compensations for mis-selling, the Bank of England says in its Financial Stability Report (FSR). Banks will need between £5 billion and £35 billion to meet regulator risk standards the report said, while a further £4 billion to £10 billion will be needed ...

December 17, 2010

Bank of England warns over euro zone debt crisis

by Kay Mitchell
In its latest half-yearly Financial Stability Report, the Bank of England has highlighted the uncertainty surrounding the euro zone debt crisis - suggesting it could be a threat to UK banks. The central bank expressed its concern for the ongoing debt situation in the 16-member nation - primarily because UK banks have significant investments in many of those countries ...

June 25, 2010

BoE: UK banks still face risks

by Kay Mitchell
The Bank of England's semi-annual Financial Stability Report, which has been published today, warned that UK banks are still at risk as a result of the euro zone debt crisis. While the report praised the €750 billion rescue package, agreed by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), it said ongoing "market pressures" could affect Britain's financial system. The report ...

December 18, 2009

BoE report reveals financial sector is strengthening

by Kay Mitchell
In its twice-yearly Financial Stability Report, the Bank of England said that over the last six months, the financial sector has become "significantly more stable”. While the Bank acknowledged that commercial banks still had more to do to improve their long-term stability, action taken to strengthen the sector, such as historically low interest rates and its quantitative easing scheme, had improved ...

October 28, 2008

BoE: Rethink needed to avoid a repeat of crisis

by Kay Mitchell
The Bank of England’s twice-yearly Financial Stability Report has been published and has revealed that tougher regulation and constraints on lending are required in order to safeguard against future risk. Looking at the longer-term credit crunch issues, according to the Bank of England, banks would need to increase their deposit bases to make them less reliant on wholesale ...