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Saturday 24th of July 2010
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News Tag: mobile phone

May 4, 2010

Mobile phone payments set for lift-off

by David Masters
Mobile phone payments set for lift-off
Brits could soon be getting out their mobile phones rather than their wallets to pay for purchases on the high street. Contactless mobile phone payments are set to become the norm as an increasing number of retailers trial the technology. Mobile phone payments are used for low value payments under £10, which currently account for three out of four cash payments in the ...

March 2, 2009

Mobile phone convicts pay more for car insurance

by David Masters
Motorists who have been caught using their mobile phone whilst driving pay higher insurance premiums, research by AA Insurance has discovered. Increased premiums quadruple the cost of being caught, as the average premium increase is around four-times the cost of the standard fine. Meanwhile, drivers found guilty of dangerous driving whilst using a mobile find it difficult to find any insurance ...