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Saturday 06th of February 2010

News Tag: stable

January 29, 2010

S&P downgrades Britain’s banking sector

by Kay Murchie

December 18, 2009

BoE report reveals financial sector is strengthening

by Kay Murchie
In its twice-yearly Financial Stability Report, the Bank of England said that over the last six months, the financial sector has become "significantly more stable”. While the Bank acknowledged that commercial banks still had more to do to improve their long-term stability, action taken to strengthen the sector, such as historically low interest rates and its quantitative easing scheme, had improved ...

June 30, 2009

House prices stable in June

by Gill Montia
A scarcity of housing is propping up house prices in England and Wales, with growth in demand strongest in southern England. So says housing intelligence firm, Hometrack, as it reports that prices remained stable in June, for the second consecutive month. The market is now showing an annual decline of 8.7%, having eased from 9.6% in May and the percentage of post codes registering ...

June 15, 2009

UK economy stabilising but recovery will be slow warns CBI

by Kay Murchie
Britain's largest employers' group, the CBI, has warned today that even though Britain’s economy is showing signs of stability, recovery will not be until early 2010. According to the organisation, the economy will shrink by 3.9% over the course of this year before seeing a return to growth of 0.7% in 2010. CBI director general Richard Lambert comments: "The ...