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17th of October 2010
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News Tag: temporary

October 8, 2010

UK’s 2011 census to create tens of thousands of jobs

by Kay Murchie
Tens of thousands of temporary jobs are on offer to conduct the 2011 census across the UK. Approximately 35,000 full and part-time positions will be created in England and Wales, while 6,000 will be created in Scotland and a further 2,000 in Northern Ireland. The census is a survey acquiring information about population and England and Wales’ census is ...

June 4, 2010

US unemployment rate dips to 9.7%

by Kay Murchie
The Labor Department today revealed the world’s largest economy added 431,000 jobs last month - the majority of them temporary Government jobs to help conduct the 2010 census. However, the figure fell far short of the 515,000 expected by analysts and follows an unrevised 290,000 increase in April. As a result, the unemployment rate has fallen to 9.7% in May from 9.9% in ...

September 19, 2008

FSA announces temporary ban on short-selling in financial stocks

by Kay Murchie
The FTSE 100 index gained 338 points (7%) in early trading today after the Financial Services Authority (FSA) announced a temporary ban on short-selling in financial stocks. Banking stocks, which have suffered heavily this week due to the collapse of US investment bank, Lehman Brothers, rose following the news with RBS up 42%, HBOS up 36%, Lloyds TSB up ...

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