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Monday 17th of August 2009

News Tag: The Children’s Mutual

August 11, 2009

Children owe dads £17,000 a year

by David Masters
Dads could earn up to £17,000 a year if only their children could afford to pay them for all the work they do in the home. Research by The Children's Mutual found dads are increasingly helping out around the home, including with cooking, assembling toys, providing a taxi service for children, organising family finances, and doing DIY. "Dads play such an important role ...

January 21, 2009

Asda offers Child Trust Fund incentive

by David Masters
Asda offers Child Trust Fund incentive
Asda Financial Services is offering parents-to-be an incentive to pre-register for the Asda Child Trust Fund. The supermarket's banking division is giving away money off vouchers for 12 Asda products and a free Family Money Guide to families who pre-register online. Claiming the freebies does not obligate parents to stay with Asda for the trust fund. However, those who do choose to open a ...

June 9, 2008

Asda teams up with The Children’s Mutual

by Kay Murchie
Asda teams up with The Children's Mutual
Supermarket giant Asda has announced an association with The Children's Mutual in a bid to encourage customers to invest in their children's future. Asda’s latest savings product, the new ASDA Child Trust Fund (CTF) will be available to customers in-store, over the phone & online. Parents will receive an added incentive of a £5 Asda gift voucher for opening the account or ...