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Saturday 27th of February 2010

News Tag: women

February 16, 2010

Women receive less pension due to career break

by Kay Murchie
Women receive less pension due to career break
A report by Prudential has revealed that the average male pension is more than £7,000 a year higher than the female pension. The survey found that a man who draws his pension in 2010 will receive an average retirement income of £19,593, while a woman will receive £12,169. However, the survey shows that the average annual pension for those retiring varies ...

October 12, 2009

Only third of women receiving full state pension

by Kay Murchie
Only third of women receiving full state pension
According to the Pensions Advisory Service, only a third of women currently receive the full state pension. Many women miss out on a full state pension if they stop working or opt to work part-time to bring up their children. As a result, they are missing out on National Insurance contributions due to leaving the workforce or working in ...

September 7, 2009

New measures to be introduced to tackle ‘shocking’ gender pay gap

by Kay Murchie
A survey has found that women in the UK’s financial sector receive around 80% less pay than their male counterparts. The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) established that, on average, women earn £2,875 in performance related pay, compared to £14,554 for men. Published today, the Commission’s Finance Sector Inquiry, is the first time this type of data ...

July 3, 2009

Women over 50 ‘give up’ on pensions saving

by David Masters
Women over 50 'give up' on pensions saving
Many women over 50 have 'given up' saving for retirement due to the recession, according to research by Scottish Widows. In research for its fifth annual UK Pensions Report, the pensions provider found that one in five (22%) women over 50 are now saving nothing towards their pension. This is up from 14% a year ago, and represents an increase of ...

June 10, 2008

Women pay 9% less for their car insurance than men

by Kay Murchie
According to research from moneysupermarket.com, women get the best deal on car insurance while young male motorists are paying the most expensive premiums. A study by moneysupermarket.com has established that women pay 9% less for their car insurance than their male equivalents, with the average quote for a woman in her 20s being £320 compared to £370 for ...