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Wednesday 28th of July 2010
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News Tag: young drivers

April 1, 2010

AXA praises Britain’s young drivers

by David Masters
AXA praises Britain's young drivers
Young drivers in the UK are less likely to make an insurance claim than their European counterparts, according to a new study. Research by AXA found that British motorists aged under 25 are 30% less likely to make a claim than young drivers in Spain or France, and 25% less likely than those in Germany. Young British drivers are also less likely to exceed ...

May 27, 2009

Modified cars more likely to crash

by David Masters
Drivers who modify their cars can find themselves paying thousands of pounds extra in insurance premiums because insurers believe they are more likely to crash. A simple spoiler can hike annual premiums by as much as £700. Flared wheel arches and wings add almost £3,500 to premiums for a Ford Focus 1.6. Tinted windows, side skirts, and exhaust system changes also push up premiums. Even ...

April 29, 2009

Younger drivers penalised due to age discrimination

by David Masters
Motor insurance firms are guilty of age discrimination, according to new research by Moneysupermarket.com. The price comparison site found that an average 17-year-old male will pay over £3,000 for a motor insurance policy - twice as much as an 18-year-old male driver. Young women drivers are subject to the same discrimination, with a 17-year-old female paying 130% more than an 18-year-old female. Steve ...