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30th of December 2010
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May 13, 2008    

1.15 million confess to having no car insurance

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by Kay Murchie

1.15 million people confess to having driven a car in the last year without any insurance, according to a survey by Sainsbury’s Car Insurance.

The survey revealed that 19% said it was because they couldn’t afford it, 19% said they didn’t think it was necessary, 13% said they forgot to purchase it, while 13% said they didn’t have time to arrange cover.

The most common offenders are those aged between 17 and 24. The least likely to offend were the over 65s.

On a regional basis, 6% of people in London have confessed to driving in the last 12 months with no insurance in place - the highest for any part of Britain.

Figures elsewhere are South West & Wales (5%), Yorkshire & Humberside (4%), Scotland (3%), North (2%), South East (1%), East Midlands & Anglia (1%) and West Midlands (1%).

According to the Association of British Insurers, the cost of uninsured motorists adds a further £25 to £30 to the average annual car insurance premium.

It is illegal to drive a car with no insurance in place and the punishment for those caught include fines, a driving ban or having their cars crushed.

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