Fuel tax rise has been sanctioned, costing average family £54 a year

| April 1, 2009 | 0 Comments

There is bad news for Britain’s motorists today as, with immediate effect, the government has increased duty on fuel, adding 2.12p a litre for their petrol and diesel, which will increase the annual tax bill for the average family by £54, according to AA estimates.

The AA has been actively campaigning against the increase and that this increase, in the current climate, could have a detrimental effect.

It would mean that the national average for a litre of petrol would be 94.22p, whilst the price of a litre of diesel will increase to £1.03.

The Freight Transport Association said the increase would be enough to tilt many out of business, especially as this could not be the end of the matter in terms of further fuel tax increases this year, announced in the Budget on 22 April.

AA president, Edmund King, said that the April fuel increases are not a laughing matter as it means that each time a motorist fills up their fuel tank, it will cost an extra £1 - which means an extra pound that will be cut off consumer spending which is hoped will ignite the economy.

Although petrol and diesel prices have fallen from last year’s high, today’s rise comes at a time when the recession has a firm stranglehold on businesses and when job losses and cut backs are a daily news occurrence.

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